Hardwood Climbing Holds

We make beautiful hardwood climbing holds for gyms and athletes.

Discover the world of Beta Blox holds - premium hardwood, shaped in the UK

Beta Blox holds
beta blox product
beta blox product

All our products are made from responsibly sourced premium hardwoods and are crafted by hand in Leeds.

We have a range of holds available for purchase through the site, but we also take commissions for gyms and athletes for large orders or bespoke products.

Shop Our New Product Range

£ 15.00 
Mini Jug
£ 6.50 
Dome 1
£ 10.00 
Dome 3
£ 13.00 
Dome 2
£ 12.00 
Jug 1
£ 10.00 
Micro Crimps
£ 10.00 
Campus Rungs
£ 9.00 
Hangboard 2
£ 40.00 
Hangboard 3
£ 50.00 
£ 50.00 
Hangboard 1
£ 30.00 
£ 0.00 
Volume 1
£ 35.00 
£ 1.50 

Beautifully Designed, UK Made, Fairly Priced.

Mixed set

With a passion for climbing, training and woodworking, we aim to offer the very best in hardwood climbing products. Using years of experience and a passion for what we do, we'll work closely with you to give you the quality you need, to be your best.


We only use the finest quality timber from suppliers that care about our environment, as much as we do. All our wood suppliers carry industry approved 'green' accreditation. The timber that we use is sourced only from FSC or PEFC certified suppliers


Using our CAD CAM facilities we can personalise any of our products with names, pictures, logos etc. Suitable for gifts or to help promote your own brand. Get in touch & see how we can help.

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We love our board and holds

Nigel selected, made and delivered his amazing, varied holds direct to us during lockdown. He made four frustrated people very happy. We love our board and holds.

Van Conversion

A look at my personal project...

The holds are super comfy for those thin skin days

I chose beta holds for their great prices and quality of work, the holds are super comfy for those thin skin days. The shapes are interesting and unique my favourite being the FAT pinches. They work perfectly for a symmetrical board. Customer service is fantastic and they were made and shipped in a very reasonable time.


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